Who Are We?

PockBitBlum, inc.

PockBitBlum, inc. is a WAH ("Work At Home") Small Call-Center providing WAH opportunities to potential agents for major companies.

The times you work are flexible. The training & background checks are paid for. What is there to lose? Start by applying today! PBB, Inc. is an IBO using the Arise Virtual Solutions platform. Please Note: We can not currently accept applications from CA (California), WI (Wisconsin), OR (Oregon), MD (Maryland), MA (Massachusetts), NY (New York), or CT (Conneticut). We apologize for any inconvenience.
Our FEIN# is 83-2715050 when registering as a new agent for our IBO! To learn more on how to register as an agent please click here.


The COO makes sure to offer PockBitBlum,Inc.'s agents the most lucrative opportunities, hence, the need to vet their agents. Also, the COO of PBB, Inc. likes to be personable & know who's interested. Win, win, right?! Apply with any "Apply" link that you see on the site.

Get Ready

Under the "FAQ's" of the website, you will see what you need & what costs you may incur as you join as an agent. Agents are independent contractors, but join IBO's for the opportunities that they provide & support. Since PBB, Inc. kick's out the cost of most of your fees, this gives you the opportunity to get comfortable during the process. PBB, Inc. lets its agents enjoy cheaper fees while working.

WAH & Flexibility

Now, you're working at home. PBB, Inc. only requires its agents to do 20 hours a week. You make as much or less as you'd like. Make your own schedule. While at home.

Tell a Friend

Do you like PBB, Inc. as an IBO?! Tell A friend! There are referral incentives, contests, & other goodies for agents of PockBitBlum, Inc.! We want our agents to feel as supported & appreciated as we can!

CV Letter + Resume Life Coaching & Other Services by PBB, Inc.

CV Letter + Resume Development for Clients & PBB, Inc. Agents

This is not just a turound service. This is goal-setting from Point A to Point B. So, that you can get to your Point C: The Interview.

So many people have a mountain to climb before they even get to the submission process of applying for a job. They'll often ask for references, a cover-letter, & a possible resume,... But, what if you really don't have the time or the skill you feel that could make you confidently put in a resume that would guarantee an interview?

Here, at PBB, Inc., we offer this as an A La Carte service of the WAH Call-Center! PBB, Inc. agents can use this service for FREE (Basic Package Only) as a thank-you for being a dedicated agent for PBB, Inc.! Agents must have been an agent for 30 days from their start to get this package for free! Packages for regular clients start at $50 & end at $100 with each package having a different focus on career or school. Each package has a different level of support when it comes to job-hunting, but each package has 30 days of goal-setting for the client! You can't lose!

Why Should I Apply To Be An Agent With PBB, INC.?
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Working With Us Is Feeling Supported & Empowered.


Our Application Process is Quick & Easy.

You can apply Quick & Easy using the "Apply" link! Just like that! We only ask for resumes to match you with an opportunity you'd be comfortable in.


We Have Many Support Venues.

We offer PBB, INC. agents Support Boards, an online Chat-Box, A Support Blog, & links to the Arise Platform Resources if anyone just happens to get stuck! Support Boards & Blogs are so that agents can help each other & also to announce giveaways, conferences, goodies, etc.


Career Growth & Life Coaching for Clients & Agents.

We help you grow & feel empowered with our CV Letter + Resume Packages. We also allow PBB,INC. agents to get these services for free through the Basic Package (after 30 days of service) & allowing agents to use PBB, INC. as a reference. Feel empowered & pursue your dreams with no remorse & increased motivation.


We Eat The Fees For A Smooth Start.

Alana, the COO, has done contract work & knows that it can be mind-blowing for some to know that they have to pay for their own background-checks or payroll services. PPB, INC. eats these fees. The only responsibility of the agent is their own equipment! THAT'S IT! When you look at the Job Board link, equipment needed will be posted there along with possible places to buy them as links.


We Pride Ourselves on Legitimacy.

Brochures are supplied & so are explainer videos for the process. We also will provide an edited brochure of the actual opportunity to show the agent, so that they won't be kept in the dark. We love & pride ourselves transparency & legitimacy.

Get Your Questions Answered!

Still Have Questions? We Got Answers.

Contact Us using the form provided on the Job Board link or e-mail us pockbitbluminc@gmail.com. Also, we have more contact information at the bottom of this page.

A Word from Alana, The COO.

Alana, the COO, welcomes you.

"Motivation is the fuel for success."
Here, at PBB, Inc., we are personable, professional, and client-friendly. Our mission is to give great services to clients while remaining personable and flexible to our agents. Our aim is to make this a client- & agent-friendly call-center and client-oriented, profesional IBO.

What Exactly is "AFG: The Balanced Business"?

We Offer Personal, Small Business, Corporate, & Group Packages of Yoga, Reiki, & Life-Coaching. Balance The Energy In Your Business.

Everyone knows that businesses can only operate at their highest point if employees are happy, productive, & are taken care of. We offer "AFG: The Balanced Business" packages just for that! Even though it says "The Balanced Business", we also do groups. These services are coming soon & will be explained more once services become available. We look forward to Balancing Your Business.

Yoga & Reiki focuses on balancing the overall energy (almost like Feng Shui for the body) of the body while calming the mind. This reduces stress for your workers & makes them more productive.
Life Coaching is about setting goals & changing your mindset for the present. Providing this to your employees will help you reach goals such as clocking-in on time, bringing more creative ideas to the table, able to collaborate effectively, & reach goals for the year by making them realistic & reachable.
When you book a package for your personal, business, corporate, or group packages, we will discuss a consultation & agree how we will approach & target goals for your business or other endeavors. We go into this with a set plan that will be accomplished in the end.
You sure can! Testimonials can be sent by the Contact Form on the site or the e-mail at pockbitbluminc@gmail.com.
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This Could Be You! So, what are you waiting for?! Apply to be an Agent at PBB, INC.!

There is nothing BETTER than working in the comfort of your own home & making your own hours! Wouldn't you agree?!


Client Testimonials About CV Letter + Resume Packages

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Serving legitimate companies since 2021.

Proud to serve legitimate companies & offer oppunities since 2021. PBB, INC.

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